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Active Defense Services


Cyber criminals are seeking higher returns for their ransomware and phishing schemes. Turning away from individuals and instead focusing on companies, cities and municipalities, their increasingly sophisticated ransomware extortion tactics and persistent phishing attacks continue to catch employees and systems off guard. Unfortunately, the true cost of a ransomware attack can multiply quickly when operations stall, revenue drops and reputational damage sets in.

Empower your information technology, security, governance, risk and compliance teams to prevent security events by implementing the highest level of security based on your budget, resource allocation and risk posture.


Understanding key risks and vulnerabilities within an organization is an ongoing and growing responsibility. We will help you ensure your organization has a proper risk assessment in place to guard against future data incidents, streamline remediation efforts and avoid regulatory fines.

Key Services:

  • Security Gap Assessment
  • Compliance Risk Assessments
  • HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, CCPA, ISO 27000, NIST CSF, CIS, others
  • Dark Web Assessment
  • Email Security Assessment (o365, others)
  • Cloud Security Assessment