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Ransomware Settlement & Recovery

Cyber criminals continue to out-innovate perimeter and endpoint technology with new forms of computer extortion ransomware. Understanding how cyber criminals were able to gain access to your system is just as critical to being able to confirm the threat is fully contained and that your organization won’t fall victim to a similar scheme in the future.

As cyber criminals find new and creative ways to infiltrate even the most stalwart systems with malware and other threats, our extensive recovery solutions provide a deeper layer of insight into current threat activity and a fuller picture of the incident to help avoid future attacks. Our team of experts will help your organization recover with triage and potential boots on the ground coverage to emerge stronger than ever.

Endpoint Monitoring

Cyber criminals continue to innovate and leverage new attack vectors to deploy dynamic variants of ransomware. The containment and eradication of malware during a ransomware outbreak can be more successful when deploying the proper Endpoint Monitoring solution. Tracepoint will work with your IT team to rapidly deploy our EDR solution in order to remediate systems and restore operations.