Advisory Service Offerings

Our advisory service will help empower Information Technology, Security, Governance, Risk, and Compliance teams to mature. Prevent security events by implementing the highest level of security based on your budget, resource allocation, and risk posture. We get it.

Digital Forensics & Incident Response

Our consultants will help you triage, identify, contain, eradicate, and remediate after a suspected security or privacy exposure. We will combine the right expertise with a technology solution to storyline the event in order for you to comply with state, federal, or international law and regulation. We will help you understand what happened, how it happened, what you should do about it, and will help ensure it won’t happen again.

Managed Security Service Offerings

Our MSSP service will tailor a solution based on the compliance and regulatory environment of your company. We understand you may not have the budget or resources to manage security activities in-house. We can help get your company started on a 24/7 threat monitoring plan with real time threat intelligence, on-going system vulnerability management and behavioral detection and analysis at the perimeter, network, endpoint, and cloud.

Technical Risk Assesments

Technical risk assessments combine high powered software and/or hardware to identify vulnerabilities in an applications, web sites, end points, databases, networks, and other digital assets to capture a real time security status so your team can understand steps to remediate. Reduce your digital exposure to cyber criminals.

Litigation Support Services

Our litigation support service provides expert eDiscovery consultants for investigative and data acquisition requests. Requests typically involve legal preservation, collection, and expert witness.

Endpoint Detection & Response

Our Endpoint detection and response (EDR) service works by allowing our experienced consultants to help select, deploy, train, and handoff an emerging EDR tool to your team based on your IT environment and current budget. These tools work by monitoring endpoint and network events and recording information for further triage, analysis, and investigation. Typically involves a software agent installation.

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